Monday, September 8, 2008

From Italy Summer 2008

I have finally photographed and scanned all the oil paintings from the trip. Still have some work to do on the watercolors and drawings. The quality is now closer to the original so I will go back and clean up past postings. These are some of them.

Umbrian Fields 9x12

Arco della Vittoria 12x16", a street in Corciano.

Santa Maria delle Grazie Al Calcinaio 14x18", a nice Duomo outside of Cortona.

The wall surrounding Corciano with Monte Acuto behind, 11x14

Towards Corciano 9x12. Looking across the valley from a small village

Sunflowers 9x12

Narrow Streets of Todi 11x14"

Montepulciao 11x14"

From San Agostino 11x14", the Monastery I was staying at.

Corciano Evening 9x12
Quick study as the light changed rapidly.

Museo della Casa Contadina 9x12"

Arte Del Gelateria 9x12. Our local ice cream joint.

Canal in Venezia 8x10, Watercolor

Ponte San Barnaba 8x10, Watercolor


Supernova Creepshow said...

You produced some really great pieces- I look foward to seeing some of the studio paintings you create from this!

Mónico Chávez said...

I love, love, the first and fifth ones. They just feel great to me.

Thomas Gronbukt said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes; I will post some larger studio paintings when I get them done.

C.B. Canga said...

you are the shizats my friend!!! these are freaking awesome.

Eduardo Pacheco said...

It was great seeing you last week with Lisa in the office for a chat, Thomas. You missed out on the Bill Sanchez massage, haha.

These are really great paintings. Super! I have to get back out for some pastel plein'air before it gets too cold for my fingers. =o

I'll add you to see more. Will you take pictures of your visit to Norway if you go sometime soon?

demhar said...

Is this the Thomas Gronbukt blog O.o)
What a paintings! Thomas ur having too much fun!!!!