Saturday, February 21, 2009

A couple of new watercolors

The students in my illustration class are working on a
faceted shapes
assignment and this is my example for them.

"De tre bukkene bruse" My second try at an illustration for
the Norwegian folk tale. I am not sure which
one I like better. This one was much quicker.

I will include a step by step on this one too if I have a chance.
I am not sure how interesting they are; they are primarily for my students.


Mónico Chávez said...

Nice. I think I like the other goat piece better though. The textures are just too cool in that one. You teaching Ill 2 now?

Mónico Chávez said...

"The textures are just too cool in that one." = meaning I like the textures in the first one, not a dig at temperatures in this one. Hah. Very unclear. Sorry.

isabella said...

Thanks for sharing more of your art work with us!
I like the first one better too, it has that mysterious charm that folk tales often acquires. But then again, I'm still have much to learn.