Monday, June 23, 2008

Artwork From Italy so far

Sorry about the quality of the images. I just bought a used laptop and  I did not bring an image manipulation program with me to adjust colors. Some of these photos look quite awful. I will redo when I come home, but here are at least some work to look at. Most is done here in Corciano and a few pieces from Perugia the day we were visiting. All done on location. It has been a while since doing these plein aire paintings and I feel rusty. Hope it goes better as I practice. Will post more in a while. 

Looking over at Corciano. 
Oil on Canvas. 

A tower and the entrance to the central village inside the wall. 

Corciano Bell Tower. Watercolor. 

Corciano. Watercolor. 

A street in Perugia. Quite noisy as the motorbikes kept whizzing by. 

Perugia is filled with ornate buildings and interesting architecture. 
Photo ended up too dark. Mixed Medium.  

Students painting on Location next to an old castle. Not a bad way to spend the summer. Watercolor. 

Drawn from outside the National Art Museum at the Piazza in Perugia. 

The paper was white.. Drawing of one of the archways in town. Looking though the opening is the central Piazza in Corciano where they have the gelateria. 


Mike Dutton said...

Hey Thomas, I've really been enjoying your Italy updates. Alex and I were there for a week just a few weeks ago. Our hearts are still kind of there though, and seeing your sketches and photos are only making it more difficult to come back home! Thanks for sharing them. :)

fil said...

Really beautiful work Thomas!! Thank you for posting so much.

C.B. Canga said...

these are great. have i told you that i think your are amazing. ok. you're amazing. i know this won't be the last time i tell you this.

i am love'n you blog updates. a true traveler's journal.

you will surly have a lot of work to sell when you get back. time to have a gallery show when you get back:)

Thomas Gronbukt said...

Thanks for checking in people. I will keep posting work.