Saturday, January 2, 2010

A couple of studies

Went on a little trip to San Diego and Joshua Tree. Only had time to do a couple of studies. Hoping to go back to J Tree soon to do some more painting. 



DWHY said...

Great work Thomas.
Great to see!
Really love your landscapes!
Be well!

Thomas Gronbukt said...

Thanks Dan. Should be some from Thailand in here as well.

Chris Smith said...

Hi Thomas,
Chris Smith here, remember me, you taught me to rock climb a long time ago in SF. Still thankful for all the coaching you gave me. I thought I might find you online and came across Tusser Og Troll, that is absolutely fantastic work. When the budget permits I will contact you about buying something for my daughter (almost 4... and yes she's been on the rock, she got her first harness at 2). Write me sometime at chrisdsmithinsf at hotmail, I'll send you some pictures.
-- Chris

Thomas Gronbukt said...

Good to hear from you Chris! Been a while. Yes; definitely send me some photos. I have a daughter as well about the same age.