Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well hey there..


yating sun said...

Like your style!!so cool! May I ask is this use watercolor rendering?

Mary Gabriel said...

Several years ago I very briefly saw a painting that was in a home that was being showcased on tv. The painting was one troll pulling another troll's hair. I loved the painting and have driven myself crazy trying to ascertain the artist with no success. I do not know if you are my troll artist or not, but I do know that I love your trolls as much as the first painting I saw. Yes, it does feel a little awkward telling a total stranger you love his trolls. The painting with the chicken is awesome and makes me happy just seeing it. Thank you!

Thomas Gronbukt said...

Thanks Yating. Yes these are watercolor.
Mary; do not think it is my painting, but thanks for the kind remarks. I will try to make sure to post more!

Peter Pascal said...

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