Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some Illustrations

Forest Creatures. Watercolor.

Dragon with rider. Watercolor.

Watched by a Dragon. Watercolor.

San Francisco Streets, Mixed Media.

Kvernen som maler på havsens bunn. Watercolor.

Askeladden. Norwegian Folk Tale. Watercolor.

Character study from Spain. Prismacolor.

Small town in Spain. I found that most
elderly people in Spain had aquired a
specific rotund shape.

Rowing Away. A scene from the folk tale "Askeladden
som stjal sølvendene til trollet". Watercolor

Following Tracks. Oil on Masonite.

Inspired from polar expedition
by Fritjof Nansen.


C.B. Canga said...

awesome work my friend. i am a big fan.

guilherme jacinto said...

Everyone is blogging now!!! Good to see you around here man. Happy new year!

Santi said...

Hi! I'm Santi from Spain. I like your watercolors paintings. Are amazing!

I'm creating a new blog and I would like you write some comment in it with some advice.


Thanks! And sorry my english.