Monday, January 28, 2008

Trip to Thailand January 2008

Some paintings from a recent trip to Thailand. Primarily a climbing trip but I tried to do some quick paintings while I was there. Most of the work is done in watercolor. Would have been fun to work in oils but this was easier to carry.

Early morning on the beach.

Calm Morning. Looking towards Poda and Chicken Island.

Sleeping Indian Wall.

Climbing on the beach.

View from Cat Wall. Looking towards Ton Sai

Drawn from Cobra wall. Caran Dache.

Longtail Boats. Late Afternoon.

Sunrise. Mornings were the best time for painting
because of the temperatures
(and so I could be alone...)

Painting from the ledge at the top of the
ladder at Ton Sai.

A watercolor done from the Mambo Restaurant during
one of our lunches.

Some Longtail boats. So much more pleasant
when the motor is not running...

Some sketches from the flight coming to Thailand.
I had great plans for this second sketch book but
the majority of the drawing were done between
countries. I like to blame it on low light
in the evenings...

Who I think was an ex. polish power lifter.
His cell phone was dwarfed by his giant mitts.
Notice the waist pouch used as power lifter belt.
I thought it was a nice touch.

More to come later...


C.B. Canga said...

these are great man. your works always impress me. keep on truking...

Mónico Chávez said...

These are amazing, Mr. Gronbukt.