Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Attack of the Killer Beatle!


Steven Wayne Howard said...

just awesome!

Jelter said...

that's really cool

John said...
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Juan C Calderon said...
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Juan Calderon said...

Im having trouble remembering how to log on so sorry about the 1st two comments
JOHN and Juan Calderon Im the same guy

Hello Thomas how are you, I might be going to San Francisco this month, I might, not sure yet, a friend from Chile is going to be there and me and another friend from school want to go meet up with him, so while im up there I might want to buy something from you if you have a drawings that I might like I was wondering if you had anything for under 600 dollars you don't need to include the frame, Ill frame them myself, if you have anything like sketch work 18x24 sketch work or drawings you have done, if you can send me Thumbnails so I can see them it would be nice, I remember you use to draw some cool characters during workshop on 18x24 , so if you have any cool funny character include those to as thumbnails, my whole Idea is I want to own some of your work. Ill probably make a bigger purchase later on, but since this news just came up it would be a good opportunity for me to come up there and buy something from you. I wish you had a site where you would post many thumbnails with your work so I could look at them, cause you must have thousands of combined sketches, illustrations, paintings, etc.
my emails is
tell me what you can work out when you get time

Thomas Gronbukt said...

Thanks guys. Really just an on the spot illustration done in my Ill 2 class. I do have fun when I get to be more impulsive though.